Clamping Force Prevents Engine Movement

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The R-193 Anchor BoltThe R-193 Anchor Bolt™ is specifically designed for reciprocating engines/compressors and other critical alignment equipment, where maximum clamping forces are necessary to prevent frame movement.

Quality control and enhancements above and beyond ASTM A193 specifications are why the R-193 Anchor Bolt™ is setting new standards for the industry.

Enhancements include double-spherical washers, a machined frangible section, shot peening of the frangible section and rolled threads, and a RotoBolt™ load monitor. These additions to a 125,000 psi, high-strength chromium-molybdenum anchor bolt (meeting ASTM A193 specifications) combined with our stringent quality control program, separate the R-193 from other common anchor bolts.

Our quality control program includes shot peening to mil spec. No. S-13165-C and the ability to trace our bolts back to the original mill lot run.

The RotoBolt™ load monitor provides a quick and accurate (+/-5%) check of bolt torque or clamping force. The R-193 Anchor Bolt™ is an invaluable part of any anchor bolt maintenance program.

Double-spherical washers, made from heat treated 4140 and through hardened to ASTM 436 specifications, ensure uniform nut loading, and compensate for vertical bolt misalignment and out of level, mating nut bosses.

The frangible section allows the bolt to stretch properly within its elastic limits. The required bolt stretch is imperative to achieve and maintain proper clamping force.

A B7 all thread bottom section, stock length to suit ductile embedment criteria, is joined to the R-193 top section by a heat treated, 4140, class 2 fit, extra long coupling nut.

Custom design canisters incorporating the R-193 Anchor Bolt™ and all of its benefits are available. These canisters allow lateral and angular misalignment corrections.


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