Masterflow 648 - High-Strength, high-temperature, high-flow epoxy grout

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1.73 cu, ft. unit, consisting of 4 bags of aggregate (Part C) a 3 gal. pail of liquid (Part A) and 1 gal. bottle of Hardener (Part B).

Masterflow 648 grout is a high-performance, three component, modified epoxy resin-based grout with a variable fill ratio. Masterflow 648 grout combines high temperature performance and crack resistance with outstanding flow characteristics and versatility of flow rates.


  • High early and seven-day strengths
  • Superior physical properties at high temperatures
  • Excellent bearing area and flow
  • Variable fill ratio for the optimum mix of flowability, bearing area, and economics on a project-by-project basis
  • Good chemical resistance

Where to Use Masterflow 648

  • Precision alignment of machinery, compressors, and prime movers in the gas transmission and other industries
  • Foundations under crusher ball mills, slab tables, and other equipment in the steel industry
  • The pulp and paper, chemical processing, mining, and power industries for a wide variety of applications
  • Applications requiring fast turnaround with high early and seven-day compression strengths

Important: Read this first

Installation procedures for this material will differ greatly from cementitious or inorganic grouts.

The installation procedures contained in the data guide are as specific as possible. They highlight generally accepted, successful field practices for precision grouting. They may be followed, modified, or rejected by the owner, engineer, contractor, or their representative since they, not ChemRex Inc., are responsible for planning and executing procedures appropriate to a specific installation.

When the planned procedure differs from that disscussed herein, the user is urged to contact the local ChemRex representative to determine whether the procedure requires additional or revised information on the use of Masterflow 648 grout.

ChemRex does not warrant the performance of this product unless the instructions of this document or other related ChemRex documents are adhered to in all respects.

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Masterflow 648 also known as: Masterflow 648 CP, 648 CP plus, master flow epoxy grout, Masterflow 648, BASF 648, BASF Masterflow 648, ITW red, high flow skid epoxy grout, master flow 648, and Masterflow 648 CP plus,

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