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  • Rowan Resins 327 Injection Resin

    Rowan Resins 327 (RR 327) is a low viscosity epoxy resin adhesive used for injection into cracks in concrete. Typical applications include repairing concrete infrastructures such as equipment foundations, bridges, columns, precast members, and other structures that need to be aesthetically improved.

  • MasterEmaco ADH 327 RS (Formerly: Concresive Paste SPL)

    MasterEmaco ADH 327 RS is a two component 100% solids nonsag epoxy adhesive. It is used for vertical, overhead, and horizontal applications. It is recommended for short-term or moderate-intensity loads and application when ambient or concrete surface temperatures are in the 32 to 50° F (0 to 10° C) range. It may also be used between 50 and 70° F (10 and 21° C) when rapid curing is required.

  • MasterEmaco ADH 327

    MasterEmaco ADH 327 is a two component 100% solids non-sag epoxy adhesive. It is used for vertical and overhead bonding and patching applications and for anchoring a wide range of substrates.

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