R-193 B-7 4140 High Strength Anchor Bolts

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Material Specifications

  • All bolts machined from high strength chromium molybdenum alloy steel (AISI 4140 typically) with a minimum tensile strength of 125,000 PSI and rolled threads – all of the above per ASTM A193
  • 2h heavy hex nut per ASTM 194

Engineering Specifications

  • 8 TPI per ASTM A193
  • Top section design length allows for 12 times the bolt diameter in free stretch
  • Top section heat treated per ASTM A193, GR B-7
  • Frangible section shaped per ASTM A370
  • Shot peened per mil spec S-13165-B amendment 2
  • Self-aligning double spherical washer made from 4140, through hardened to the requirements of ASTM F-436
  • Plastic grout sleeve provided
  • Class 2B fit extra long coupling heat treated to ROCKWELL C 24-29
  • Coupling thread engagement (top and bottom sections) is 2” minimum for 1.25” to 2” diameter bolts – top section will have additional ± .5” engagement to allow for top section elevation adjustment
  • 2h heavy hex coupling lock nut
  • Coupling and coupling lock nut will have a thread adhesive applied before tightening
  • Bottom section is B7 all thread – design length per ACI 439
  • Bottom plate, if used, secured with a 2h nut threads below 2h nut are deformed or spot welded to prevent loosening


  • Extra 2h nut provided that can be welded to rebar cage to secure bolt location/elevation

Quality Control Requirements

  • All bolts checked with a calibrated ring gage
  • All couplings checked with a calibrated go/no go gages for a class 2B fit
  • All threads visually inspected for delamination from rolling process
  • All bolts and couplings will have a stamped serial number – traceable back to original mill run of the bar stock. mtr’s kept for all bolts.
  • All threads inspected for burrs or deformations to ensure that nuts are free turning – all burrs removed before shot peening operation
  • All bolts will be protected with a polynet webbing to protect the threads during shipping
  • All bolts will be protected from corrosion with an anti-rust lubricant that meets ASTM D-1735-62 and ASTM B-117-73
  • Bottom nut or plate, if used, lock nut thread deformation or spot weld checked to ensure the nut cannot loosen
  • All grease will be removed from the bolt and coupling in the area where the tread adhesive is to be applied

Load Monitor Specifications

  • ± 5% repeatable accuracy
  • Withstand 1500 hrs of continuous salt spray
  • The load setting for all bolts is checked by a hydraulic tensioner to ensure the load setting is accurate
  • Load indicator does not require visual inspection to determine anchor bolt torque
  • Gage pin made from 12.9 carbon steel to BS 3692
  • Withstand operating temperatures of 350°F or 180°C
  • Special order high temperatures (up to 1100°F or 600°C) applications
  • Anhydrous high melt calcium base grease to MILG- 10924C and NATO G403 as corrosion protection

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