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  • R-193 B-7 4140 High Strength Anchor Bolts

    Offering 4140 High Strength Anchor Bolts in all sizes. All bolts machined from high strength chromium molybdenum alloy steel (AISI 4140 typically) with a minimum tensile strength of 125,000 PSI and rolled threads – all of the above per ASTM A193 2h heavy hex nut per ASTM 194 Engineering Specifications 8 TPI per ASTM A193

  • R-100 B-7 4140 All Thread Rods

    RLRowan offers 4140 steel all thread rods in any size and length. Contact us directly for our sizes or to order a custom size for your individual need.

  • Hex Couplings

    We offer hex couplings in any size. Contact us directly for our sizes or to order a custom size for your individual need.

  • Hex Nuts

    RLRowan offers hex nuts in any size. Contact us directly for our sizes or to order a custom size for your individual need.

  • Hardened Flat Washers

    RLRowan offers hardened flat washers in any size. Contact us directly for our sizes or to order a custom size for your individual need.

  • ViseNut

    Visenut - a device that puts a brand new spin on the time-consuming task of tightening nuts on long all-thread rods or on bolts with bent or damaged threads. With VISENUT you can literally “start at the finish” minimizing labor cost in virtually every application where threaded rods are used.

  • RotoBolt™ Load Monitors

    The RotaBolt or RotaStud load monitored fastener is the first effective, economical, and durable answer to the universal problem of achieving and maintaining design load levels in bolts or studs. This gives a quick "finger test" method of letting you know if the bolt is not as tight as it should be.

  • Anchor Bolt Repair Kit

    Anchor Bolt Repair Kit includes: 4140 Hex coupling nut with optional flange (to increase anchoring when repairing lower strength broken anchor bolts). Self-Aligning, Double Spherical Washer. Rowan Resin 427 Epoxy Grout. Two very important considerations are: Make a suitable anchor bolt repair with the minimum of lost time and disruption of the equipment. Make a repair that is better than the original installation so recurrence is unlikely.

  • Double Spherical Washers

    Rowan double spherical washers provide a unique way to insure a true nut pull on critical anchor bolts and studs, at less cost than a conical nut with a concave washer. Rowan double spherical washers are made from heat treated 4140 steel and are through hardened to ASTM 436 specifications (case hardened washers in smaller sizes for less critical application are also available through Robt. L. Rowan & Assoc., Inc.)

  • Machinery Foundation and Anchor Bolts

    Robt. L. Rowan & Assoc., Inc. carries a full line of Anchor Bolts form 5/8" to 2+" in any length. From a standard one-piece bolt to a new high strength two-piece canister bolt. We can manufacture common or custom designed bolts to solve your bolting problems.

  • Superbolt Torquenuts

    The Torquenut is the most widely used, multi-jackbolt mechanical tensioner. The Torquenut is a bolt or stud tensioner that can fit into the space requirements of a heavy hex nut. The standard Torquenut, suitable for use at temperatures up to 600°F (315°C), can generate pre-loads compatible with Grade 8 or Grade 5 bolts or A193-B7 studs and is available in thread sizes from ¾" to 6".

  • Canister Bolt

    The Rowan Adjustable Canister Bolt is an engineered, field friendly anchor bolt. It can be adjusted laterally and angularly to compensate for installation errors or thermal growth of equipment, drops below grade for easy equipment installation, has adjustable projection, and is lightweight so it is easy to install. Since the entire bolt length is free to stretch, the loss of torque from seating or relaxation is greatly reduced, providing a more maintenance free anchor bolt.

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