ExactAlign™ Adjustable Motor Supports for Skids

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The Rowan Exactalign™ is an adjustable spherical machinery support device with vertical range of height adjustment and out of plane alignment capability.

Exactalign™ achieves its height adjustability by relative motion of three circular inclined surfaces. Because of the ramp based design the capacity is much higher (for the same diameter) than other designs which use a threaded body. Exactalign provides for out of parallel surfaces (machine to support beams) using a spherical washer concept.

Exactalign™-Comparison of Load Transfer Mechanism Versus other Spherical Supports using Shear across Threads

The compressive strength of steel is much greater than the shear strength (a well known property of steel). Accordingly, spherical machinery support devices that use threaded bodies to support machinery have to have a much greater diameter in order to have enough area of the threaded sections to transfer machinery loads (static and dynamic). Direct bearing of machinery loads on steel machinery supports eliminates problems that threaded load bearing sections can present.

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Exactalign adjustable alignment and chocking system 

ExactAlign™ Motor Supports are also referred to as: adjustable chocking systems, equipment leveling feet, industrial leveling feet, industrial equipment mounts, and adjustable skid mounts.

ExactAlign™ Motor Supports are a great alternative to: Rotochock and Vibracon chocks.

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