R-Crete Plus™ - Engine and Compressor Foundation Repair Concrete

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Designed specifically for use in rebuilding compressor and engine block foundations, R-Crete Plus™ is a high strength, fast curing, low exotherm, polymer modified concrete. R-Crete Plus™ is a 4000 psi concrete that doesn't develop the high heat and associated cracking problems of silica fume and high early concretes.

Twenty-four hours after pouring, R-Crete Plus™ is ready to accept an epoxy grout cap. By eliminating deep epoxy pours, R-Crete Plus™ will lower your material costs and provide better long term, creep resistant support. Each complete unit is ready to mix. No measuring required.

Compressive strengths of each batch are pretested and all raw materials are checked by our quality control personnel.

R-Crete Plus™ will save you money by cutting down time, lowering material costs, and providing better long term creep resistant support for your equipment.

R-Crete Plus™ Installation Bulletin

R-Crete Plus™ and R-Crete Plus™ Pumpable

 R-Crete Plus™ for smaller jobs is premeasured, and may be poured to any depth over three inches deep.  R-Crete Plus™ Pumpable for tough access and larger pours of up to 150+ cubic yards.
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