Superbolt Torquenuts

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Superbolt Torquenuts The Torquenut is the most widely used, multi-jackbolt mechanical tensioner. The Torquenut is a bolt or stud tensioner that can fit into the space requirements of a heavy hex nut. The standard Torquenut, suitable for use at temperatures up to 600°F (315°C), can generate pre-loads compatible with Grade 8 or Grade 5 bolts or A193-B7 studs and is available in thread sizes from ¾" to 6". Special Torquenuts have been supplied to pre-stress precipitation hardening steels up to a 160,000psi level. Other specials have been made for 12" press columns.

Holding Power

When properly torqued, Superbolt® Torquenuts will not come loose. Pre-stressed nuts and bolts remain tight on vibrating or pulsating equipment and on constantly reversing loads. Our products lose only 3% of their initial pre-load after 1,000,000 cycles when stressed to 98% of the initial pre-load. Even less is lost when loaded to a lesser degree. Tests are available upon request.

Superbolt® Torquenut

Simple Concept

A Superbolt® Torquenut is threaded on to a mating member bolt, a long anchor bolt or the end of a threaded shaft. The main thread is used for positioning only. Once the Superbolt® Torquenut is properly positioned, actual tensioning is accomplished by tightening the jackbolts located around the main thread.

Superbolt® Torquenuts fit in the same space that standard nuts normally occupy. Pre-loads are obtained by torquing individual jackbolts to the allowable torque.


Superbolt® Torquenut is a simple, relatively low cost mechanical tensioning device. By comparison, hydraulic tensioning devices are very expensive and can generate only a fraction of the pre-load produced by our product.

Time Savings

The relative ease of mounting and removal can reduce application time and simplify maintenance procedures. Superbolt® reduces downtime caused by fasteners that vibrate loose.

No Special Tools Needed

Superbolt® Torquenuts require only a small automobile-size torque wrench to properly tension hard-to-reach nuts, such as the 2" nuts found on some gas compressors between the cylinders (in steeples). They also are ideal where you can’t fit a pipe cheater.

Superbolt Torquenuts used with Rowan Anchor Bolt Assemblies R-193 Series Full Data Sheet

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