Rowan Hybrid Chock and Sole Plate Rowan Hybrid Chock and Sole Plate

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The Hybrid Chock is a two piece chock with a .035" shim pack sandwiched between the two plates. The two chocks are bolted together allowing for addition or subtraction of shims as needed in the future.

By combining a vibration, thermal insulating composite top chock with a steel bottom chock we get the best of both worlds.

Each set of chocks and soleplates are custom designed per engine make, model, and year to provide the necessary support where it is needed per reciprocating compressor. A thin version is available to replace 15/16" steel chocks that are worn and working out from under the reciprocating compressor.

Rowan Steel Sole Plate and Chock are manufactured from steel meeting ASTM A36 and then precision ground after machining, to achieve flat, parallel surfaces. The unique top chock is made from a high strength composite plastic material finished flat and parallel as well.

Slot sizes for 1" through 2" anchor bolts are available in standard designs for such popular engines as the Cooper Bessemer GMW, GMV & LSV Series, Clark HRA, TLA, TCV & HBA series and Ingersoll Rand KVT, & KVS machines. Also HHE motor driven compressors. Custom designs are available for special applications.

For applications where the machine bottom has a waffle pattern or other protrusions, or has become fretted because of an improperly fitted steel chock, we offer our new Tri-Brid™ system for these special cases.

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