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ViseNutWe all know that in the workplace time is money - so a lot of time saved means a lot of money in your pocket. Introducing the amazing new VISENUT™, a device that puts a brand new spin on the time-consuming task of tightening nuts on long all-thread rods or on bolts with bent or damaged threads. With VISENUT you can literally “start at the finish” minimizing labor cost in virtually every application where threaded rods are used.

The VISENUT’s unique design combines two of the most simple “machines” in the world, the screw and the wedge, to create a thread-capturing vise-like grip.

The “capture nut” slides easily over long, bent or damaged threads - right up to the “finish line.” The unique wedge-shaped “clam shell nut” opens for easy positioning at the mouth of the capture nut. With just a few turns, the capture nut pulls the wedged threaded halves into itself, grabbing the threads and locking VISENUT in place. Just think what this means in the field:

Electricians and Plumbers
: No more tedious overhead work hanging channel on all-thread with conventional hex nuts. With

VISENUT, you can instantly slide it up and load it with weight- in fact the weight of the load makes VISENUT grab even tighter.

Offshore, Pipeline and Plant Fabricators: save hours of bolt down time on long stud flanges, emergency repairs on warped or torch-cut studs or any all-thread components. Here’s where seconds saved can add up to millions saved. Of course, over the years there have been other approaches to quick attaching nuts. These complicated contraptions involve springs, bearings, pins, screws and splines and can be more cumbersome than effective.

VISENUT’s simple geometry is fool-proof, jam-proof and strong. And only VISENUT can be detached as quickly as it can be attached.

ViseNut - Competitive Analysis

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Global Fastener Demand

  • $48B 2008 Global Demand for Fasteners
  • North America - 35%
  • Europe - 32%
  • Asia - 28%
  • Africa - 5%

US Fastener Demand

  • 200B fasteners used in the US annually
  • representing $9.792 billion consumption
  • Domestic Production - $8.281B
  • US Exports - $2.288B
  • US Imports - $3.799B

Comparison of Import & Domestic Fasteners

  • Domestic Import
  • Best quality High volume
  • Highly engineered Mass production
  • Specialty uses Minimal innovation
  • 40,000 employees No patent protection at 350 factories
  • Ex: produce 26,000 screws per hour

Sub market: Nuts

  • Global demand for nuts - $5B
  • 9.6% of fastener market
  • Asia - $1.6B (31.85%)
  • Europe - $1.472B (29.22%)
  • North America - $1.293B (25.67%)
  • Latin America - $408M
  • Africa - $197M
  • Oceana - $63M
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