Rowan Adjustable Canister Anchor Bolt

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Rowan Adjustable Canister Anchor Bolt

The Rowan Adjustable Canister Bolt is an engineered, field friendly anchor bolt. It can be adjusted laterally and angularly to compensate for installation errors or thermal growth of equipment, drops below grade for easy equipment installation, has adjustable projection, and is lightweight so it is easy to install. Since the entire bolt length is free to stretch, the loss of torque from seating or relaxation is greatly reduced, providing a more maintenance free anchor bolt.

Prevents Bolt Binding From:

  • Missed location at installation (1/8” to ¼” adjustability)
  • Thermal growth of equipment (angular adjustability)


  •  1/8” to ¼” lateral adjustability
  • Adjustable projection (see chart)
  • Drops below grade for easy equipment installation
  • 1° to 2° angular adjustability
  • Light weight canister for easy installment
  • Total bolt length free to stretch


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