Rowan Blue Expansion Joint Sealer

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Rowan Blue Silicone is a single package, caulking grade material developed for use where an oil resistant, oil tight seal is required, such as expansion joints in epoxy grout caps.

Because Rowan Blue Silicone is much more oil resistant than other room temperature cure silicone sealants, it also can be used to seal engine inspection doors and as a general purpose, oil resistant gasket.


A) As an expansion joint in epoxy grout caps, good design calls for the depth of the expansion joint to be less than ½"of the width. Therefore, if the epoxy grout cap has been separated into sections every 3’ to 4’ by either 1" wood strips, or closed cell foam (EJF-1), the top 3/8" to ½" should be removed. See the attached sketches EX-JT1 and EX-JT2 for details.

While Rowan Blue adheres well to properly prepared and cleaned surfaces, a stronger bond is achieved using D.C. 1200 Primer. Clean the sides of the epoxy grout cap and apply one thin coat of the D.C. 1200 Primer for an impenetrable seal oil. Allow to dry approximately 20 to 30 minutes, depending on temperature, to a tacky state and apply Rowan Blue using standard caulking gun.

Suggestion: Seal the expansion joint where it terminates at the concrete interface as well for double oil protection.

B) As an oil resistant gasketing compound

  1. Remove old gasket material and clean well with a suitable safety solvent. Optional: Apply a thin coat of D.C. 1200 Primer.

  2. Apply a bead of Rowan Blue Silicone in a continuous bead around all bolt holes and the edges of mating parts.

  3. Assemble within 15-20 minutes.

  4. Clear off excessive material using a safety solvent.


Rowan Blue is suitable for use in applications up to 500°F. Normal elongation is typical of silicone sealants, making it suitable where 50% or greater elongation is required.

PACKAGING: 13 fl. oz. Caulking tube

YIELD: 18 cubic inches


Caution: On direct contact, uncured sealant irritates eyes. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. Call physician. Avoid prolonged skin contact. Provide adequate ventilation. Keep the sealant out of reach of children.

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