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  • Tri-Brid Adjustable Epoxy Chock

    The Tri-Brid™ Epoxy Chock System is a universal machine support system, meaning it will fit a machine base that is machined flat and true, or in combination with a pourable epoxy chock can be used with worn fretted surfaces, or "waffle" bottoms. The top plate is made of a strong epoxy composite and precision machined to match the steel sole plate. Infinite adjustment over the range of ±.028 inches is accomplished by precision tapered surfaces.

  • Lock Chock

    The Lock-Chock™ is an adjustable support system designed for use with all types of critical alignment equipment, such as pumps, compressors, generators, machine tools, fans, and blowers.  Benefits include: High strength composite material or steel 60,000 PSI compressive (composite) Precision machined ± .001" Custom designed per equipment footprint Dampens vibration No shims to rust and swell

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