RotoBolt Load Monitors

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RotoBolt Load MonitorsPreventative maintenance becomes a reality without involving sophisticated test equipment.

To aid in monitoring the torque (pre-load) on the Rowan 193 Series and standard Anchor Bolts, we offer the RotaBolt Load Monitor. This gives a quick "finger test" method of letting you know if the bolt is not as tight as it should be.

The RotaBolt or RotaStud load monitored fastener is the first effective, economical, and durable answer to the universal problem of achieving and maintaining design load levels in bolts or studs.

Preventative Maintenance

Possibly the most remarkable feature of the RotaBolt is its checkability. After a period of service the effects of temperature, vibration, gasket relaxation, pressure fluctuation and other influences can all diminish the load exerted by the fastener. A quick check to see if the control cap will turn is all that is needed to see if further tightening to restore the correct load value is required.


RotaBolt is one of the most accurate means of indicating selected design loads. Repeated accuracy of ± 5% can be expected. Accuracy is not influenced by lubrication, cleanliness, nor thread conditions of the bolt or stud.

How it Works

A gauge pin is anchored in a short central drilled hole and the Rota-load indicator is set at a prescribed air gap to the head of the machined bolt or stud; thus it is free to rotate on the pin. A control cap is placed over the head of the Rota-load indicator which protects the assembly, retains a protective grease, and allows for better finger control of the Rota-load indicator. When the fastener is loaded, the air gap reduces as the fastener is slightly stretched. When the control cap and Rota-load indicator will no longer rotate by finger pressure, the correct load setting has been achieved.

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