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Control Of Crankshaft Distortion With An Adjustable Epoxy Chocking System

The control of crankshaft distortion through proper original alignment and periodic maintenance realignment has become a very important topic. Operators are finding it is cost effective to continue operating reciprocating compressors for 25 to 35 years. This subject can either be a planned part of maintenance scheduling or it will suddenly be thrust into the forefront with a catastrophic crankshaft failure.

When a crankshaft breaks, there is always a good reason. They don't just break by themselves. In some cases the failure can be attributed to a fault in the crankshaft material, or to an operations induced overload, but in the majority of failures being seen today, improper alignment causes a fatigue type failure. Flexing of the crankwebs, more than manufacturer's tolerances, over time, with enough stress reversals, can and does lead to cracks and breakage. With today's knowledge and technology, this type of crankshaft failure can be controlled more easily than the other two modes of failure mentioned. Read more...

Epoxy Grouting Installation Techniques For Skid Mounted Equipment

The purpose of this paper is to provide the Engineer, Operator, and Installer with field proven installation techniques for grouting of skid mounted equipment. These techniques are based on our company’s 46-year history of designing repairs for all types of critical alignment equipment.

Proper foundation and structural design for the skid are not covered in this paper. The influence they have on the installation is very important and is where you must begin when planning the job. Read more...

Compressor Stations - Fast, Durable Compressor Foundation Repair Available

Cracked reciprocating compressor foundations can be fixed once and for all and rather quickly if the repair job incorporates proven, engineered designs and the better, more appropriate, repair materials that are available today. The successful result will be a longer equipment life and reduced costs from unscheduled downtime and wear-part usage. A compressor's crankshaft alignment determines machine life and downtime, wear-part consumption, and necessity for a regrout or foundation repair. Read more...

Grouting Problems

Expansion Joints

Reinforcing Deep Epoxy Grout Pours

Anchor Bolts - The Forgotten Connection