Rowan Resins 668 BF Chock Grout

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668BF chock grout was created specifically for use with Rowan Tri-Chock Adjustable Epoxy chocking system. However, 668BF can also be used as a traditional poured in place epoxy chock. 668BF is a high modulus, high compressive strength material designed for use with critical alignment machinery.

With the ability to flow into place and conform to worn fretted surfaces, the use of 668BF High Strength Chock Grout can eliminate costly field machinery of irregular metal base.

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Applications for 668BF High Strength Chock Grout include reciprocating and rotating compressors, steam and gas turbines, and machinery requiring precision grouting.


Consult the 668BF Chock Grout Installation Bulletin for details on the installation of 668BF chock grout.

Robt. L. Rowan & Assoc., Inc. recommends that the user request the services of local representative for a pre-job conference to plan the installation.


668BF Chock Grout is a three-component epoxy grout formulated for industrial and professional use only and must be kept out of reach of children. These products contain chemicals which may be COMBUSTIBLE and potentially HARMFUL to your health if not stored and used properly. Hazards can be significantly reduced by observing all precautions which are found on Material Safety Data Sheets, and product labels. Please read this literature carefully before using product.

See Full Specification Documentation

See Rowan Resins 668 BF Chock Grout Installation Bulletin

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