Masterflow 885

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Masterflow 885 is a high-precision, non-shrink metallic aggregate grout with extended working time. It is ideally suited for grouting machines or plates requiring optimum toughness and precision load-bearing support, including machine bases subject to thermal movement. Masterflow 885 grout meets the requirements of ASTM C 1107 and the Army Corps of Engineers' CRD C 621, Grades B and C.


  • Meets ASTM C 1107 and CRD C 621, Grades B and C requirements at a highly fluid consistency over a temperature range of 45 to 90°F (7 to 32°C) over a 30-minute working time
  • High fluidity and extended working time ensure proper placement under a variety of application conditions
  • Hardens free of bleeding, segregation, or settlement shrinkage
  • Has a high tolerance to thermal movement of machinery and equipment, as well as other effects of heating/cooling and wetting/drying
  • The high quality, well-graded blend of metallic and quartz aggregate provides high strength, impact resistance, and optimum toughness under dynamic and repetitive load conditions
  • Sulfate resistant

Where to Use Masterflow 885

  • Precision non-shrink grouting of:
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Paper machine soleplates, including hooded dryer sections
  • Turbines, generators, and cetrifugal compressors
  • Rolling, stamping, drawing, and finishing mills for the steel and aluminum industries
  • Grouting anchor bolts, reinforcing bars, and dowel rods
  • Applications requiring high strength and impact resistance
  • Applications requiring non-shrink grout to achieve maximum bearing for optimum load transfer
  • Application requiring a metallic grout to be pumped

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Masterflow 885 is also known as: Embeco 885.

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