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Canister Bolt

A field-friendly anchor bolt that can be adjusted laterally and angularly to compensate for installation errors. Read More...

Professional Engineering Services

Robt. L. Rowan & Assoc., Inc. - Celebrating 62 Years Of Service

Robert L. Rowan specializes in repair designs for large equipment foundations such as reciprocating compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, mills, crushers and skid mounted equipment. For over 50 years we have solved problems for the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical process, refining, and paper industries.

For over fifty years, Robt. L. Rowan & Assoc., Inc. has been solving foundation and grouting problems for critical alignment equipment. In the mid-fifties, Bob Rowan, Sr. and Bob Rowan, Jr., developed the first epoxy machinery grout, which later became Ceilcote grout. This was the first of many new, innovative products created by Robt. L. Rowan & Assoc., Inc., designed to solve foundation and grouting problems of critical alignment equipment by utilizing the latest technologies.

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